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With dedicated instructors who love kids and dance, ExcelDance is known as…


Offering a variety of classes for all ages and ability levels, we’re confident you’ll find something to enrich the lives of you and your children. There are so many wonderful reasons to learn to dance and experience a life in the world of Dance.  You don’t know how great you are until you try.  Email us: or Call us at 989-872-5331, connect with us on Instagram or FaceBook and start dancing today!

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We make you want to dance...right now!


be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity
synonyms: shine, be excellent, be outstanding, be skillful, be talented, be preeminent, reign supreme

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Award Winning Choreography

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Strength, Flexibility and Coordination

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Modern Top Hits Music

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Riveting Recitals

Affordable Yoga

That Makes You Feel Wonderful

————- by Professional Trainer

Join us most Thursdays at 5:45 for a yoga class you’d expect to find in expensive resorts. In a relaxed setting with beautiful music, aromatherapy, yoga mats, and blankets, you will feel the stress melt away as your body and mind relax and restore.

Bring your own mat, or use ours. Our yoga appeals to males and females of all ages. Don’t worry if you’ve never done a yoga pose before, we accommodate everyone. Drop-ins are welcome.
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